EGM Productions at a glance

EGM was organized in 1980 within Group 24 to be involved in the production of innovative and quality material.

Under the direction of Brigitte Germain and Nardo Castillo who combine over forty years of experience in all areas of film production, EGM devotes itself to the production of feature films and made for TV movies.

EGM is actually putting the final touches to the theatrical release of Littoral, the first feature film by well-known stage author and director Wajdi Mouawad, based on his award-winning play by the same name. The film is a co-production with France and it was partly shot in Albania.

Previously, EGM co-produced En vacances by Yves Hanchar, another co-production effort with France and Belgium, A Wind from Wyoming by André Forcier co-produced with France, The Thousand Wonders of the Universe by Jean-Michel Roux, also co-produced with France.

For television, EGM produced Summer, a comedy by Phil Price, Tattoo me, a documentary by Pascal Sanchez, Once Upon a School Night by Alain Chartrand, the TV movie A Son by Choice by François Labonté, both distinguished by several international awards.

EGM was also co-producer of the international mini-series Belle Epoque based on scripts by Jean Gruault and François Truffaut and directed by Gavin Millar, and of Red River by Yves Boisset; finally, it co-produced a pilot Bodyguards by Nicholas Ribowski for a TV series with French partner Pathé TV.

As is amply evidenced by the above outlook, those in charge at EGM are firm believers in polling resources together to serve a good idea. In a market made increasingly inaccessible by gigantic financial interests, where creativity is at the mercy of the dictatorship of performance, true independent production lives constantly on borrowed time.

But for all the adverse conditions it may encounter, every independent production brought to conclusion can be viewed as a victory over the arbitrary by the human and generous values inherent to creativity.

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